Music Program Work Flow

May 16, 2016

Make Music Without Getting Caught Up In Technical Distractions

Check Out The Reason Music Program Work Flow


browser window Browser

Locate all your sounds, samples, loops, instruments, voices, refills, and songs with an always accessible browser window built into the Reason Graphical User Interface. Finding the ultimate sound for your production has never been more accessible then it is now.



drag and drop functionalityDrag And Drop Functionality

Dragging and dropping has never been more intuitive. You can drag samples into the sampler, drum hits into the Kong drum machine, vocals into the timeline, loops into the loop player, and rack instruments and effects directly into the instrument rack. Reason has gone out of their way to make this the best DAW on the market.



buttons, knobs, and fadersLots Of Control Features, Buttons, And Knobs

If you are a hands on person then you’re going to love the Reason user interface. With life like faders and knobs you can get into the mix with a hands on approach. Connect a MIDI control surface to your computer and you can have an outboard mixer at your finger tips that will truly give you control at your finger tips. A touch sensitive control surface will allow you to write automation real time with a more musical approach and removes the technical feeling of crafting a track or a mix from a mouse.



MIDI Sequencer And Audio Editing Timelinemidi sequencer and audio timeline

The MIDI sequencer is as simple as any I have ever used. But the big plus here is that the instruments and effects processors that come bundled with reason were developed internally so there is seamless integration from device to device. No more using a 4×4 MIDIMAN interface and being limited on channels and I/O’s. Reason really created the complete production solution for beat makers and producers alike.



Instrument And Effects Rackaudio effects processor

One of the luxuries of working with the Reason Instrument and Effects Rack is that you can add as you build. Need a sampler, just add it. Need a drum machine, just add it. Not only can you add new equipment as needed, but you can route the audio signal from these devices to internal effects modules at any time  to create a truly unique sound.




Rear Panel

backside of the rack

Here is something that has always separated Reason from the rest of the DAW’s and MIDI sequencers out there. The ability to access the back panel to route your audio signal to any device you want is priceless. This is  a feature that’s typically only found in a real studio environment., and not a virtual rack unit of some MIDI sequencer. Well, once again Propellerhead has separated them selves from the competition with internal routing functionality. The cool part is if you have no desire to route your signal, Reason will do it automatically for you. This allows the end user to forget about the technical nature of audio engineering and focus on the creative side which is the song writing and the beat making.


Simple to use, complex enough to avoid bordemSimply Complex

The beautiful thing about Reason is that it is simply complex. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it truly is a very simple interface that can be as complex as you want to make it. The drag and drop features in addition to the automatic routing of the devices on the back panel make it a plug and play beat making solution and song writing platform for artists and engineers of all skill sets. For some, plug and play is all they desire. For others, the process of engineering a sound is part of the song writing process and that’s one thing that makes Reason so unique.



Control Voltage Connectorsaudio routing matrix

Just how deep does ish get? Deep as the abyss and Reason is mad fish accept it. Ok, wether you got that or not is your deal. The control voltage connectors allow you to connect to almost any device from another device.